In our increasingly busy and time-poor lives it is often difficult to find space to focus on mind, body and spirit. Yoga offers this. The benefits of yoga, when practised regularly, include feelings of vitality, peace and well-being, and significant improvements in physical and mental fitness. This benefits not only you but those around you.

Mohona means confluence, a place where things flow or come together to form a more unified whole.

Yoga Mohona brings people together to share the benefits of yoga, to help them feel more whole, more self-aware, balanced and in tune with themselves and with others.

Our classes use various tools of yoga. Physical postures (asana), linking movement with breathing (vinyasa), breathing practices (pranayama), relaxation and meditation are practised to build strength and flexibility, improve posture and balance, relax, re-focus and rejuvenate.

Classes are small to provide personal attention while maintaining the energy of a group class. As no two people are the same, we offer modifications to keep you challenged, or to enable you to practise more gently as required.

Yoga Mohona clients enjoy these benefits in a variety of settings in Sydney and the lower North Shore. We offer group classes, the personalised attention of private classes, outdoor yoga, and the convenience and stress management benefits of corporate workplace yoga.

If you'd like to feel more energetic, fit and well, calmer and more in tune with yourself, contact Yoga Mohona today!

mobile: 0419 402 536